Flexible Choose when & where you work

Work flexibly. Choose the job that suits you best. And remember: nothing wrong with a little job hoppin'.

Transparent Choose & check your hourly wage

Choose flexwork that conforms to your preferred hourly wage. Feel free to check how much of the money paid for your service goes where.

Fast Receive your salary within a week

Know that feeling of having too much month left at the end of your money? Connect puts an end to waiting for your well-deserved salary.

The power is yours

Take matters into your own hands

Find flexwork that matches your planning,
preferences, skills and conditions. Without
meddling of a middleman.

No stress

Be well-informed

Check Connect before you start your shift, and be well-informed about requirements and specifics. Stress-free guarantee! Still a little insecure? No worries. Just contact the company you’ll be working for.

Sounds good. How does it work?

Apply for a job in
the blink of an eye

To let you start flexworking through Connect, we need some personal and legal information. (Nothing really complicated, we’ve already got that part covered.) Once that’s a done deal, you can apply immediately.

1 Sign up & complete your profile

2 Find the perfect job & start working

3 Check out & get paid