Flexible Adjusted to your needs

Offer unfilled shifts and choose the perfect applicant from an on-demand flex pool. No contractual hassle nor minimum amount of hours required.

Time saving We all love time well spent

No more complicated paperwork. Save time finding and hiring the perfect applicant.

Smart Follow the rules and secure your future

Use L1NDA to comply with the latest rules and regulations regarding flex employment.

No stress

Profit from a flexible selection and hiring process

Easily offer unfilled jobs, and choose a fair hourly wage. We share your dislike of unnecessary confusion—no hidden costs nor middlemen are involved in the process, and payment for a shift takes place only after the work is done.

The right match

Find the best person
for the job

Check the skills and interests of the applicants and choose the best candidate.

Sounds good. How does it work?

Offer flexwork
in no time

To make sure all processes can run smoothly, we need you to provide us with some business and legal information. You can post your first shift offer directly after!

1 Sign up & complete your business profile

2 Post a shift offer & choose the best candidate

3 Check out & pay